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its an experience.

designed for people, not patients.

"An Exceptional Customer Experienced means demonstrating to that one person in front of you, that for those moments you are together, they are the most important person in the world."


a patient's perspective

At HealthCARE Express, we're inventing a new experience for you.  Achieving excellence across the spectrum of the overall patient experience is our only priority. We are focusing on how we can foster an optimal patient experience both when the patient is here on site, and over the long-term, even after they are done with their direct care at HealthCARE Express.


Everything is designed from a patient's perspective with the intention to transcend your expectation of how healthcare should serve you and your loved ones.


For HealthCARE Express, "a patient's perspective" defines their experience.


When we think about the "patient's perspective", its about identifying what their needs are as individuals when seeking care and tending to those needs. Whether providing a helping hand, a smile, an extra effort, a sympathetic ear - we are transforming a "transaction" into a community of loyal customers.


Under this new paradigm of care, HealthCARE Express treats you, not symptoms.  While providing the highest level of medical care possible, our team is trained to be attentive to the needs of each individual. Whether you're a busy mother juggling work and daycare, have a child who is afraid of needles, or someone who simply needs their questions answered,  we are dedicated to becoming a support system to assist you through all aspects of your health care journey.

its starts with environment

HealthCARE Express Urgent Care Centers feature relaxing spaces that offer the comforts of home. From soothing visuals on the walls to something as simple as a comfortable seat, we made sure you will always be surrounded by a calm and clean environment.

beyond compassion

The team members of HealthCARE Express are trained to provide the highest level of customer service possible.  Whether a customer has  questions about their care, needs emotional support, or requires assistance understanding their health plan, we are here to offer you a support system.