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At HealthCARE Express, we want our patients to be as informed as possible about their medical choices.  That’s why we strive to provide you with most up-to-date information and methods for treating your urgent injuries and illnesses.


Emergency rooms are not the fastest or most cost effective choice when you need immediate health care, and often it takes days to get in to see a primary care physician or specialist. You could wait hours in the E.R. for less serious health concerns, and that’s too much time and money lost. That’s why HealthCARE Express Urgent Care is the ideal alternative for your health care needs. Clinics are operated by top quality medical professionals, so our patients can be confident that they’re getting the highest level of care.



Immediate Medical Care: ER or Other Options?


When you need immediate medical care, the first line of advice has traditionally been, “Go to the nearest emergency room.” But is that advice the best course of action? With visits to the ER at an all-time high, wait times have skyrocketed. And emergency room treatments for non-emergency medical conditions contribute to the rising cost of our healthcare.


As an Alternative to ER Care


Unless it’s a true emergency, you’ll likely get quicker and less expensive medical care in an urgent care  setting.  Urgent care is quickly becoming the preferred choice for comprehensive care over the emergency room, retail clinics, and walk-in medical clinics when you cant see your family doctor. These conveniently located, licensed and accredited care settings are staffed with doctors, nurses and physician’s assistants. So you’ll get quality care quickly, and you’ll often pay much less than you would for emergency care. And they’re usually open evenings, weekends and  holidays, and can cost about the same as a general doctor visit.


Urgent Care Centers offer the most comprehensive care outside and emergency room.  These centers can usually handle problems that need immediate attention but aren’t life-threatening or emergencies, like stitches, sprains and x-rays.


Use an Emergency Room for conditions such as:


•  Heart attack or stroke•  Open fractures•  Severe bleeding•  Chest pain•  Head injury or other major trauma•  One-sided weakness or numbness•  Loss of consciousness•  Severe abdominal pain


If you are experiencing any of these or other potentially life-threatening medical conditions, please call 9-1-1 immediately.